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Laser Red 2006 9-3 Aero SC
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Got the first parts refresh box in for the new SportCombi. Still tracking down a new left hand motor mount though to replace all 4 engine mounts together.

New mounts
6 new coil packs and plugs + upper intake manifold gasket
1 new fuel pressure sensor at the fuel rail.

BTW, if you end up needing to change the fuel rail pressure sensor just find the Bosch part and order that vice the one on any of the current Saab parts site. For some reason they are asking on average $400 for this one sensor when it can be picked up for $30-$40 else where.

Changing the fuel pressure sensor at the rail to work through a P0089 code for hesitation/misfire while under moderate to heavy load. Don’t have a tech 2 yet to run the diagnostic test of the variable fuel pump but with 3/4 of a tank to burn through still this is easy enough to test out.

Next up will either be the fuel pump or a suspension refresh….and a tech 2 somewhere along the way.
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