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Red T5 DIC, $150, manuf. date 0549

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I don't have my car anymore and need to sell this. Would prefer local pickup in Boston area but I'm willing to ship.

Red T5 Ignition cassette with manuf. date "0549", is that November of 2005? I can't remember what the numbers indicate. The red paint has no bubbles/cracks, and it worked great on my car but sold the car with the DIC that was on it at the time.

Is $150 fair? I haven't been paying attention to prices in a while.
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Bump. No one needs a t5 DIC these days?
That is very fair for a newer red DI. Im in the market for a newer black one. good luck youll move it at that price
Date code indicates year, then week of manufacture, so yes, this is a late '05 manufacture date, quite a new unit. Good luck with the sale!

If anyone wants to do a local pickup they can have a stock rear sway bar to double stack ;)
How many miles are on it?
Well, I used it and the one that went with the car, intermittently switching between the two as I continually troubleshooted (shot?) the car to make sure it wasn't the DICs causing problems. So, the car's mileage went from 105k to 195k, and I don't know how many miles it was used for before that. I bought it in '06, so it couldn't have been many. I'm guessing between 45k and 70k.
bump - and I also have a "very good" condition driver side mirror for an NG900.

moving out of the country, need these things gone! :)
prices negotiable.
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