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At the beginning of the summer I turned my A/C on only to find it didn't work. I remembered that my mother had this problem as well, however she continued to run the A/C with no Freon. Because of this the compressor burnt out and she had to pay alot of money to have it replaced.

Anywhoo, I had been thinking about simply getting it recharged, and not to use the A/C until I did.

So today I went to Wal-Mart and bought the following R-134a Recharge kit for $24.97.

Included in this kit was the following:

- Guage
- Reusable valve for the R-134a Refrigerant
- Can of R-134a refrigerant w/ lubricant mixed in (Its important to get it with lubricant, otherwise your compressor may not work for long).

Here's how to use it:

1) Locate the Low Pressure inlet (port) for the A/C compressor. This inlet is right behind the drivers headlight, infront of the battery. It has a black dust cap, which must be unscrewed to reveal the inlet.

2) Turn on the car.

3) Turn the A/C to the coldest setting and the fan up high.

4) Without the gauge attached to the refriderant can, plug the guage with hose attached up to the compressor inlet.

5) Measure the guage. If in the Red, you either don't have the A/C on, or you have mechanical problems. If Blue, then your refridgerant level is fine. You'll need to see a mechanic. If Green, more refridgerant will need to be added.

To add refridgerant:

6) Remove the guage and hose from the compressor inlet, and screw it on the can of refridgerant.

7) Turn the valve all the way clockwise to initially puncture the can, and close the valve.

8 ) Reattach the hose, can and guage to the compressor inlet, and slowly turn the valve on the can counter-clockwise to release the refriderant.

9) Once the guage needle moves from Green to the middle of Blue, close the valve by turning clockwise.

Let the A/C stay on for a while, until ice cold air comes out.

11) You may have to recheck the pressure shortly after to make sure your refridgerant level is still in the Blue.

There. Its pretty easy, and may save you some cash by doing it yourself.

I personally take no fault if this is done incorrectly, however its somewhat difficult to mess the process up.

If you still don't have cold air after doing this then, your compressor or condensor may be damaged and possibly would need to be replaced.
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