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Rear Window Completely Detached on '91 900 Convertible

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Hi - It's time to get our '91 Convertible back up and running. One significant item in need of repair is the rear window on the convertible top, which has fallen off of the surrounding canvas altogether -- probably due to the east coast blizzard this past February.

Do I need a whole new top? Is this a relatively easy reglue/seal job? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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That part is called a rear curtain, and no, you don't need a whole top. You can just replace the rear curtain. The glass is chemically bonded to the fabric during manufacturing. It is not something you can glue back on once it's come completely off. If just the outer seal lets go and you catch it early you can sometimes be successful gluing it back on, but once it separates completely, you're looking at replacement.
Check ebay for SAAB rear window assembly. There's one seller (puttcam) that offers it in cloth for around $200, a very good price. I just bought one for a '90 vert I'm refurbing.

Keep in mind, these come in stayfast (Haartz) cloth as well as vinyl (referred to as sailcloth). While vinyl is cheaper, SAABs always came with cloth tops/window surrounds. And cloth comes in several colors...vinyl is black only.
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