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Ok, got the brakes done, went to open the bleeder valve to bleed the driver's side caliper and the bleeder broke right off!

So... I tried to get the stub out of the hole - nothing worked - used a puller, heat/cool cycle with wd-40 penetrating oil, nothing - it's stuck for sure and would have to be taken apart, drilled out and re-tapped and I'm just not willing to go that distance for this.

Now, knowing that I need to replace the caliper I have two questions:

1) Does it make any sense to replace one caliper only (the passenger side is fine - bleeder came right out) or should I do both to be on the safe side?

2) Where can I get rebuilds other than the dealership?

I checked out PFS and eEuroparts - they don't carry them for my 97SE, The SAAB Site does have them for 175 each (PLUS core charge) but I've never done business with them - any one out there have any advice?
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