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Racecar 87 900s

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So I recently added another Saab to my stable with the sole purpose of going racing. She is a 1987 900s with 96k on the clock. Truly seems like it was grandma's car. Here is a teaser pic:

So I am going to run some autoX, SCCA ITB class and am trying to run in the Grassroots Motorsports $2010 challenge. I would love some help from the Saablink community as to how to build this baby up. It needs more power, but the ITB class won't allow running a turbo. So it is N/A all the way.

In order to compete in the $2010 challenge, I can't spend more than $2010 but I can sell some parts of my car to offset that limit. Interior is blue velour. I will post up more pics as soon as I can, but wanted to get this out into the community.

More power ideas?
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Ooh, those are neat. Hang on there li'l fella.

I remember catching those when I was a kid over on the Gulf Coast. Perhaps he can crew for you? ;)
Make sure you get the vented brake lizzard...but don't get the cross-drilled ones.
I’m building a racecar myself a bit different to yours though.
Motor mods for me are a different story, only $2010 wow this would only cover just a good reco let alone hours of porting, head shaving, exhausts etc etc will leave that info up to others as I have a vastly different opinion on that subject.
These may not be motor performance mods as such but should not cost more than a few hundred and some time, which will at least give you the most out of what you have…….

*Boot is fibreglass clipped in (mould from the original)
*Manual steering rack instead of power (less weight)
*Removed dash etc and replaced with alloy sheet (cant believe the stuff under there)
*Everything that is a luxury gone…. Interior lining, heater, fans, stereo etc(well there’s no dash now so that went hand in hand)
*Seats definitely gone weigh a tonne (one race seat and harness)
*Cut out unnecessary metal from doors, rear section and engine bay
*Rear side glass and surround replaced with perspex
*No front side glass (material cage stuff)
*All the internals removed from doors except locator to hold shut
*15” Alloy rims from a Honda off the net (die grind centre hole 12mm larger to fit)
*Fuel tank 20lt alloy in boot
*Removed metal from under bonnet and hinges (lift off)
*Place the battery in the boot on the passenger side (1-2% better weight distribution)
*Bumper bars lightened (I used earlier ones, non-side garnish)
*Removed sandblasted and dug out ALL that crappy sound deadener

Basically it comes down to this…..”power to weight ratio” if you don’t have enough power for the weight then lighten the car as much as possible….. and the Saab has a lot to shed…..
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I guess it is time for a status update. Rear springs have been cut down. Front brakes have been ground down some to accomodate 13" wheels. Mudflaps had to be removed because they we dragging at new lower stance :) all carpet out. Floor rusters out. Interior panels all out. Center console out. Entire A/C system out. Horns gone. New upper radiator hose. New plugs, distributor rotor and cap. Saabguard alarm removed. Powerwashed car and engine. Compounded the exterior with a rotary buffer (still needs more work). Removed exterior trim strips.

That's all I can think of at the moment. The quest continues!
Time for a photo update:

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That is silly looking.
That is silly looking.
wait till you see pictures from stiaght ahead the tires stick out just a lil :cool: Nick you goina have it ready for the july meet?
Yup Sam, it will be ready enough for next months meet. Any other folks in the area are welcome to join us for a SCCA sanctioned autoX at Deland Airport on July 25th.

And another pic for fun. I think the slicks stick out a little. ;)

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Eggcellent. Looking forward to the action shots...
Seeing these pics makes me want to get another N/A c900 and get me back into FWD autocrossing again. Last thing I raced were Miatas. Car looks great and I bet it is a blast in the twisties.
where did you get the rim tire combo?! iam looking for that exact same thing for my Autox'er
And another pic for fun. I think the slicks stick out a little. ;)

where did you get the rim tire combo?! iam looking for that exact same thing for my Autox'er
they belong to a friend of mine who is letting me try them on autoX before I get some light 15"s

they are Falcon Racing Wheels and Hoosier slicks sized 20X9.5X13 :eek:
Looks good Nick... when is your first run on the beast?
Running it in an autoX at the Deland airfield this Sunday. We are making it into a Saab club meet. Come on down. Deland is much closer to us than Jacksonville.
Hope to have some pictures to post.
I might just have to come down... the saab is still at the body shop so I'll be bringing a honda.
I spent $600, but figure I can harvest some parts for sale or have spares for my other 2 C900s;)

Doesn't everyone want a blue velour interior or argyle seat covers? Someone has to be searching for pre-88 SPG wheels right?

Someone told me that I should seek the early 86/87 steelies from a 9000 because they are cheap, light and 6" wide. Can anyone confirm those wheels would match my 87 bolt pattern?
im interested in the pre-88 SPG wheels - PM me, and see if we can work something out.
any updates?
sadly, not much to report. Got the main hoop in for the roll cage and a couple other tubes. Dash is out and some wire harness stripping done.

I'm slacking and need a good kick in the ass!
i'm slacking and need a good kick in the ass!
well letss goooooo!
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