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Questions on steering brace install

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When installing the steering brace and clamp from GS do I need to have the car on the ground or can it be lifted? Also, how long does the install usually take? I am doing it tomorrow.
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I did mine on the ground. But, I had to lift one corner of the car slightly to get stuff lined up properly.
I had mine up when I did mine, but it was up for other purposes too. I think I made a mental note that it was probably easier to do it with at least that wheel up to give you more room in the wheel well.

Should only take maybe 30min.
Can be done either way. If on the pavement the clearance in the fender is too low and you need to use a long socket/extension.

Key is tightening the lateral brace first to the fender then torque the clamp.
Thanks for all the replies!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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