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Questions about WRX's... 2002, thinking of looking at/buying

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I know nothing about them other than, it's a turbo, and AWD... Are these subie motors tough stuff? 161k is a lot (except for a Saab of course :) )..... Anything I should look for in particular if I do drive up to look at this? Other than obvious odd noises and blow by.... It's a blue 4 door.....

Here's the craigslist description........

2002 Subaru WRX 5spd. I'm the original owner-never been wrecked. 161k miles. It has Brian Crower Valves and springs, Gates Racing timing belt, Cosworth billet timing belt guide, Injen cold air intake, turboxs 2 stage boost controller, Walbro racing fuel pump, ground wire kit, aluminum racing radiator, full 3" exhaust, turboxs BOV, Exedy clutch, ACT Prolite 9lb flywheel, GT spec front and rear strut bars, STI pink struts, Tenzo R 18" wheels and I might be forgetting some things. As far as problems with the car.....couple of door dings, a few very small dings in the roof from being caught in a hail storm (very hard to see, but I'm trying to make sure I cover everything), small scratch on top of rear bumper from unloading something out of the trunk, missing two center caps off the rims and the polished lips have some pitting. Everything works, AC blows cold, etc... KBB lists private party value at $5496 for good condition, not counting the mods. I'm asking $4900 obo which I think is a fair price. This is a very quick car that still turns heads and sounds great. Title in hand. No joyriders. Test drives for serious buyers only. Email me if you have any questions.
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as far as i know they last as long as the belt/chain and tensioner was replaced at spec'd intervals...i dot know if its internal or what, but thats what ive been told
I've never been keen on buying a heavily modified car. Especially with something like a 9lb flywheel, you know he's been revving the nuts off it.

I have several friends with subies, and while they love them, I wouldn't describe them as tough. Two of them had oil pump related failures. And these motors are not cheap to fix either. Labor and parts for the unique boxer design is pricey. And that doesn't even touch on the troubles of the 5 spd gearbox.

That said, $5K isn't that bad of a price. Tough call.
if its never been off the stock turbo i wouldnt be too concerned about the motor. my first car was a suby outback, and it went a lot of miles with me doing zero maintenance.

check around on nasioc about reliability theres some decent info. if you could talk him down even like 500 i dont think it would be a ad buy at all.
my friend has an 02 and theyre quick, the downfall is the trannies are weak, otherwise great cars as far as i know....try for 4300 and work from there ;)
The boost controller deal makes me a little nervous, only because my buddy bought an '02 WRX from a guy who had a boost controller on it, and he ended up having to replace the engine and turbo not too long after purchasing it. The boxer engine is assembled in two halves, and it was leaking oil at that seal, which could apparently only be remedied by a new engine. But maybe that was just the guy beating on it way too much? I dunno.

That price seems pretty good though...I only wonder how it's been treated during its 161k mile lifespan. I'm not really a fan of WRX's in general, but there is no doubt in my mind that that car would be an absolute hoot to drive.

I'd probably end up going for it if it checks out clean. Try for $4500 or so like others are suggesting.
This guy never got back to me anyway.... Modded Subaru's and such won't be nearly as hard to sell as mine will!!

Oh well.......
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