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Quarter Panel Replacement (pics)

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After backing out of a parking space last year at college and getting driven into buy some girl I spent all last winter replacing my drives side quarter panel and fixing other damage as a result of getting hit. So if anyone ever has any auto body questions seeing how that's what I go to school for fell free to drop me a line and I will get back to you.

The Damage

The drilling out count less spot welds to remove the quarter panel

The new $600 quarter panel from the dealership mounted and body work done

The Car in the paint booth with sealer on it

Brand new coat of base and clear

All done

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Nicely done!

That chick must have been going fast!
Yeah she was she hit me on the passenger side right on the rear bumper and pushed me into the van parked next to me that's what did the most damage. She's in the jeep to the right of the picture

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But guess whose fault it was?

That’s right mine! Because I backed out in front of her! Dose anyone see that giant truck that was parked next to me how could of I have seen her. Its not like I floored it in reverse and pulled right out.
Sucks that there was an accident, but I love seeing different stages of bodywork. Its something that I've always wanted to try, and even bought a car to try to learn on, but never did it. Someday.
Yea its fun stuff
Nice job! It looks great!
Well now that your an expert, you can help me fix my couple spots of cancer. Haha
Buy some supplies and we will get it done
damn thats nice!!
well, sucks...
but damn good job!
looks good. Its amazing what a good body man can do.

I may have some questions for you, involving painting sideskirts and a bumper.

hell maybe if you can give me enough advice I can respray my hood.

the questions I have involve the prep work and all that jazz. Also since the side skirts are plastic, I guess I need some sort of flex agent.
man...I always hated drilling spots from my body shop days. Bed sides for trucks really blow, and 1/4s are right up there too.
josh your hood paint sucks too? Thats the first thing im respraying, prolly this weekend if i get time. REAL nice job on your quarter panel man, made a shitty situation into a learning experience and now have some bragging rights ;)
Well when your done practicing on sleepr's car pencil me in, cause my car's hurtn fo certain.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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