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Place to get 9-3 driver side axle?

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It's getting towards crunch time to have this up in CT to fix my car.

Never have needed to replace one in my other cars so I don't know the best spot to go get one. I really don't have the time to get to the junkyard to pull one either.

Also, there brands I should watchout for or anything like that?
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Don't get the empi ones....hooooorible. I'd get a good used one from a place like Goldwing.
I was already staying away from the new ones that are listed on ebay for $60-80...can't believe those are allowed to be sold.

I am not opposed to spending a reasonable amount of $$ for a good product...just not new OEM prices.

EDIT: Driver side is considered the Left Axle correct?
I ended up just ordering one from Goldwing. The Empi ones were $100 off eeuro while one from Goldwing was only $125ish and it comes with a 1yr warranty, so an obvious choice.
Nice should pay for all of our squirt guns.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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