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Pics from Cambodia and HK (just got home)

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Hey all…

Just spent another awesome two weeks in Cambodia and Hong Kong. Went with the GF to visit my sister who is currently living in Phnom Penh doing some NGO work with local Cambodian (Khmer) women and children. Took a bunch of shots (as always) and though some of you might like to see them.

It never ceases to amaze me to see how they travel around packed into/onto cars, or with their goods hanging off any space of their cars, motos or trucks.

An incredible country with such a sad history… well worth seeing if you ever get the chance.


Link here for full set if interested: Click to view Sab's full set of Cambodia pics

And a selection of others:

Arrived to a torrential downpour in Hong Kong:

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Wow, awesome pics!
Great shots as always! Thanks for sharing, Steve! :)
The massive apartment buildings one is really cool.
super work as always :cool:
So cool, lots of amazing photography but my god that motorcyle loaded up is terrifying. Thanks for sharing! What did you think of Hong Kong? I haven't been back since moving to the States in 2004 but I loved it there; it is bar none one of the easiest places to live period.
beautiful shots. i went three yrs ago to both places and this brings back memories.
may i ask what camera you used? i'm thinking of getting a dslr
Cheers guys for the comments! Cambodia is an amazing place to be able to photograph... such excellent subject matter and scenery. So different to home as well.

Christian… loved HK although I was suffering from crook guts from something I picked up in Cambodia so couldn't partake in yum cha for breakfast or get stuck into much of the local food there. My GF had great joy in scoffing down awesome looking dishes whilst I had to eat just pretty plain foods. Despite that loved every moment of being there... the subway is awesome with trains running every 3 minutes (opposite to here!), the shopping great and taking the ferries across to Kowloon (we stayed on the island).

Quattro> I use a Canon 40D (a few years old now and superseded by a new model or two but still takes an awesome shot). More importantly are the lenses used I think… I mostly used my Canon 24-70 L f2.8 as a walk around lens, and when needed used my Canon 100-400 L for the long shots. Also have a nice 10-20mm and a fast 30mm f1.4 for some night shots.

Cheers all again!

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Hey Gray! Always love seeing what you've seen thru the lens. Thanx so much for sharing your vision with the rest of us. Sorry to hear you were intestinally challenged, however.

Stay well, Mate!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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