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I did a little 'how to' on this - It resolves disengagement/grumpy gear change issues with anyone running an uprated clutch. Mainly for the Sachs one but will work with Spec too.

Might be of interest over here

UKSaabs • View topic - Modified Master Cylinder Procedure - Sachs uprated PP owners
Hey there!

I've got an uprated Spec Stage 2 Clutch Pressure Plate combined with a Saab 9000 Aero Organic Disc that blends together beautifully!! I also had installed a few years ago an Abbott SS Braided Clutch line from the MC to Slave and it was routed from the MC almost straight upwards (12:30-1pm position on MC) at 1 o'clock going between the MC Bracket behind the Helper Spring. Positioned this way inhibited the Clutch Pedal from being pressed down fully without displacing the Helper Spring outwards slightly each time clearly eroding the Guide Pin Fork on one side. So I tried to then re-route the Abbott SS line (12:30) in front of the helper spring and that then inhibited the pedal from being able to return as the SS Line is directly in the way when the pedal is released such that it will NOT return to make contact with the Cruise Control Pedal Switch. Since I never even saw the Abbott before it was installed, I am not sure how much extra line is wound up in the space behind the Driver side firewall. So its off with the Battery tray so I can take a look and then, if there is an extra few inches, I'll try routing the Abbott SS clockwise up top around the pedal assembly coming in from the lower right to attach to the MC. I just wish any of the other's that have installed the Abbott Braided SS Clutch Line could have given a little more detail than saying they installed it???

Also installing the MC, this one is a FTE Branded one, is a PITA in itself, but no real biggie. As such, Since I'm in the process of installing this, I wanted to know what you may have been referring to with respect to upgrading the MC since the hyperlinks you provided are no longer active???
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