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Perf parts partout

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Well, since it doesnt seem like anybody is interested in buying the stuff I have as a kit, I'm gonna start parting it out.

Brembo Kit: I'd like $300 + shipping + your viggen brakes.
Kit includes: Brembo 4 piston calipers
Hawk HP+ Pads with ~1000 miles on them
2 piece floating rotors
Braided Stainless lines
10mm spacers

2 Door Viggen parts

I have a mostly complete Viggen kit(missing some of the small bits, such as the undertray)

Front bumper: $300 + Shipping

Rear bumper: $325 + Shipping(includes the bumper support)(will get pics of wanted)

I have 3 side skirts, 2 passenger and one driver IIRC. One of the passenger skirts and one of the driver side skirts need repair. Other passenger is brand new, needs to be primed and painted. I'd like $150 for the ones in need of repair, and $300 for the new one (cheapest I've found is $570 for a new one from Saab...)

Pics of one of them: I will get more later if someone is interested

New style shift linkage: $50+shipping(can get pics if interested, but it looks like a shift linkage....)

3.5 Fondmetal wheels(one is cracked, may or may not be repairable, will get pics later, all have minor curb rash) $150 + shipping Will get pics
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Is that a purple Saab?
interested in the brake kit... ill shoot you a pm.
I've also got a complete inline walbro 255hp kit. $100 + shipping for that...
I've also got a complete inline walbro 255hp kit. $100 + shipping for that...
what's that look like? Sort of interested....
fuel pump, a couple of fittings, some mounting brackets, some wiring stuff. it's at work, i can get pics tomorrow. it's currently thunderstorming like mad, so no pics of anything tonight

If they, The brembo set, are not sold, shoot me an email. I am interested.

[email protected]


Interested in the bumpers, PM'd
What brake parts do you need in return?

What do the Brembos mount to? Viggen mounts?
Front Bumper still for sale???
Wow wait up calipers rotors pads etc all for 300?
reading comprehension > you

its 300 plus viggen brakes.
brakes are sold. i still have everything else; just nobody willing to pony up the $75 it's gonna cost to throw a bumper on a greyhound...
reading comprehension > you

its 300 plus viggen brakes.
If I had a viggen the brakes aren't worth much so it would mean 300 fool.
Anyway that's a killer deal, I would of bought the calipers jf they weren't sold.
lol wut?

if you had a viggen, the brakes would be worth a lot to someone without a viggen.
how many spacers do you have? and how much? there are 9mm 5x110 spacers on ebay for $15/pair.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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