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Pending purchase. Glutton for punishment.

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Yeah, see how I put this in the "problems" section?

I am going to look at a 1990 4 door turbo tomorrow.

Pretty stoked. It has a blown HG, so it's going to be cheap.

I have few more pictures. The owner says the A-arm area is clean, and it runs great. It over heated once when the HG went but it's been parked since.

The goal is to ditch the TL, and have the wife drive this for the winter. Then, something else in the spring. I think i have some snows that will fit.

More pictures later.

I wish I had not thrown out my trim from my 86, when I put the SPG kit on. It also needs super aeros. And Intrax springs.

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I cant see the pictures? You lucky bitch! I need to find another cheap car!
It's got 186k on it, it's not cherry.

Still though...
Nice! Just curious, why are ya ditching the TL? That will be quite a step down. :)

What are you thinking of for the spring?
I've got some SuperAeros lying around. They're a little beat up though.
The TL is a fine, fine auto.

Google the word "somnambulism" and that will tell the story of the TL.

My wife wants a 5 series. I'm not going to argue with that. The TL is paid, so it would be up for sale when we get this thing. If it sells, we can sit on the cash, save a little over the winter, and I can find something awesome.

2002-03 540 sounds OK to me!

Like I said, I'm going to check it out after work. JK is coming too. So is my camera.

I'm a bit concerned about the transmission, but we will see.
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4 door club unite.
Lol, your wife may be hating life after stepping down from a TL to a 900 turbo 4-door. NG900se turbo 4-drs can be found for $1500-2000 in good condition so that might be a better, newer option. If the head is warped or other shit is wrong with that c900, it will be an unreliable monster. Think this one through thoroughly!
Worse case, I buy it and flip it.
The TL is a fine, fine auto. Google the word "somnambulism" and that will tell the story of the TL.
Ha so she doesn't like to stay in gear? How many times have you chased it down the street?
Ha, kinda.

It's a nice car, it's just kinda bland. It's also almost too wide for the garage. The mirrors are 1" from the entrance to the garage. The 5 series she wants is a bit narrower.
Worse case, I buy it and flip it.
Luca's wearing off on you...
Luca's wearing off on you...
You watch your Damn mouth.
You should ground ship those seats to Abdukted to be refinished. All in all, if you spend less than $600 for the car, I would say it's a deal.
Look at that crack free dash!
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