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I'm replacing the old pcv line that runs from the valve cover to the intake. The one with the coolant running through it.

I got it removed from the intake pipe, but I guess I'd like to ask some advice for what to do next. I've seen that plenty of you have done this, so I'd like your expert opinion.

Do I buy a plastic bit like the pcv orifice and connect it to the intake and the hose to that? The only problem is then I have the old metal piece that goes into the intake in the way.

Or do I remove the whole thing and run a new coolant line which looks like a pain? Or delete the coolant line all together? I know its to keep the throttle body from icing, but Hawaii will never be within 25 degrees of freezing. If do this, how should I cap the lines?

Hoping that some of you that have done this effectively could help a guy out! I've only got a couple days left before wife is home and needs her car!
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