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Well I finally had a few extra hours on my hands and decided to take a quick run up Palomar in preparation for the upcoming SoCal SAAB run (Hmm, wonder if that's still happening, that was on the other board ...)

Anyway, what a trip. Having not been before, I was a little dissapointed once I got off of the freeway and got stuck behind a dump truck doing 35MPH for about 10 miles, with heavy oncoming traffic. I immideatly thought "this is no fun.".

Once Mr. Dump took a right off of Highway 76, the road was, for the most part, open. At this point, it began to drizzle.

The signs on the road said I was still a good 25 miles from Palomar Mountain, as I passed the Pala Hotel & Casino (very beautiful establishment!). I must have had to drive a good 30 minutes before I got out of the garden variety curves, and into the "DANGER: SHARP CURVES AHEAD" area.

Mua ha ha. I was really in the thick of it now.

It must have been a good 7 or 8 miles, uphill, with some awesome hairpins, banked curves, and other assorted turns. By and large, I left my sensetronic 5sp in 2nd gear going up the hill, with the rare upshift to 3rd.

Unfortunately, the rain had began to come down a little harder, and the fog had set in, reducing visability to about 15' .. with the numerous "Cattle Xing" signs and cattle grates I'd seen, I wasn't going to see who might win the batle of bovine vs. 93.

All in all, ESP only kicked in two or three times for the entire drive (total for both ways), which tells me one of two things: I didn't really push the car as hard as I could have, or the ESP isn't as intrusive as others. I'd believe the former statement over the latter any day.

Loads of fun. Hopefully if/when this meet happens, we'll have a lot more fun!
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