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Overpressure switch location???

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Can anyone tell me where the pressure switch is located on a 88 900t 16
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It was under the dash in the driver's side footwell in my '88 SPG.
Yep, pull the heater duct down and you can just spot it up there. If you need to remove or replace this unit you are probably going to want to pull the knee bolster.
thanks, ive been looking at other posts about how to bypass it if it goes out and it said to connect the two wires together, and i was looking at mine and on two wires coming from the pressure switch to the relay there is a connector on each wire right before the relay, so is that where they are supposed to be connected? i just want to be sure. thanks for the input
i found it and bypassed it thanks for the location
could you post on how you did this?
Did you just pull the two brown/white wires off the switch and connect them together?


also can you tell me where the 2nd vacuum line routes too? I know one routes to the boost gauge.
dasaabguy: pretty sure the second vacuum line is for cruise
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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