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Overheating issues

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1991 9000 Turbo. I have replaced the waterpump. It had a crack in the housing so it needed it anyway. Then I took the thermostat out. My heater still blows hot when the car is warmed up, and then it cools off once the temp gets up close to activate the fan. My ACC fan is not working. My other fan works fine. I do a lot of stop and go traffic. The temp gauge goes up on the high side, then my fan kicks on. It just feels like its running hot. I was checking out the bottom side of the radiator and I see a screw in plug type thing. Looks like it should have wires coming out of it. It is located on the bottom center side of the radiator. Any help would be great. Also, does the 1991 9000's temp gauge give a "true" reading, or does it have a flat spot like most modern temp gauges? Thanks!
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Your car has a "true" temp gauge as does mine, it is not uncommon for mine to climb well above half, but as long as it doesn't touch the red area it should be fine. Also I would put your thermostat back in. I have heard of cars overheating because of too much coolant flow and the coolant doesn't stay in the radiator long enough to cool off like it should.

Good luck.

Thanks for the info. How much pressure should be present in the cooling system? Thanks again.
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