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Overboosting/fuel cut

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This problem has developed since I picked my car up at my mechanics after he put in a new bpv.

It doesnt happen on every pull, mainly the first time i go WOT through a gear, usually getting onto the highway. I peg the gas down, and it boosts up like a raped ape, climbs up to 17-18 PSi, then I get a wicked fuel cut , sometimes throwing smoke out the exhaust. I've been babying the car because I'm afraid to damage anything. This has probably happend 5 times now while either making a pass, or accelerating onto the highway.

Could the MAF be doing this if its on it way out? My mechanic said it shoudlnt be as he thought the MAF was fine when he tested a week ago.

Note- Stage 3+ DIC, BPV, and inspected BPC
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Check to see if he f-up the connections to the bpc and or one has fallen off.
then I get a wicked fuel cut
Quoted for prosperity.

Not sure what the problem could be. I'd say try a different tune if you have the capability.
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