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Over boost please help trying to give all info

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Okay to start i have a 2002 9-5 linear with a td04 upgrade and open air intake thats it. Since i have put the new turbo on my car wants to over boost its been giveing me issues left and right.... first i will boost way into the red and boom it sends me into base boost i have checked vaccum ines etc inter cooler pipeing cant find any leaks or anything. i bought a new bcv when i did the turbo and notheing .. still haveing issue when i took my first turbo out everything was running fine it was just old original turbo with 107000 miles.. i have been posting on saab central and cant seem to get an anwser. the turbo is brand new there for i dont think its that. the bybass valve is brand new as for awhile it was bad and wasnt holding boost. i cant seem to find the issue out has anyone had this problem or got a good solution?? electronic issue ?? Also today while driveing the car was right above the yellow iwas in thrid and just slowly lost boost untill i got to base boost it was a slow steady decline.. ive tried giveing you all the info possible cant seem to figure it out.. could my cat be clogged or something ?? how would i tell?? also just for referance my cat is attached to my Down Pipe right ??
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Take the top hose off the boost pressure control valve and plug it with a bolt etc...see if this keeps the boost pressure in check...

the valve looks like this
I have that dun I'm thinking maybe clogged cat
that when I accel hard it won't let the air threw. That or intercooler ??
Really hard to tell if I do not no what you have checked...could be a loose or cracked hose, software issue (probably unlikely), etc...I would check the turbo install since that is where the problem started, check all the hoses, etc
My guess is something was damaged or knocked off during the turbo swap and it is causing the turbo only takes one crack in a hose to cause problems. Check all the vacuum hoses under the plastic cover near the oil cap...make sure everything is connected right...also check the intake pipe, they can crack and you would not even see it especially if you have taken it off, they get really brittle because they are plastic, also was the turbo a rebuild or did it come from could have a bad turbocharger and it may not be spinning correctly, that will cause the turbo to produce odd and random level of pressure...
the lines are all fine checked everything went over im thinking its the vaccum valve the valve that leads from my bosch bypass valve to over near my TB its the only valve / sensor i have not replaced with my turbo system lol
Okay well now here is the issue no matter what my car wants to over boost the problem is constant i have no check engine lights etc i have replaced a few lines and now the problem is constant i have to watch how i hit the gas and my little meter as it will go into red as soon as i accel to hard ?? any ideas
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