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Opinions? Best performance upgrades for a couple thousand dollars.

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So, i have a 2002 95 Aero (unfortunately an automatic) that is completely stock with 118000 miles, the previous owner was a little old lady lol. I am currently looking into performance upgrades, but Im not exactly rich, I have a few thousand dollars in savings that's id like to put into my car, so I was wondering, what are some upgrades that I can do for minimum cost and max performance gain. I'm already thinking about either the OBX or BSR/Simmons exhaust and the genuine saab open air intake. So anyone else know of any other relatively easy relatively inexpensive modifications?
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The tuning bug is one that bites hard and usually leaves you with empty pockets. It's a slippery slope that once you begin to go down things just get more expensive and tend to break more often. Depending how far you do down this road you may come to find you auto trans becomes a major barrier as it will not cope with high torque levels.

Starting point is definitely intake and exhaust, and an ECU tune.

First thing is first though, make sure the car is running 100% to begin with. A nice tune up and checking all your sensors goes a long way. Also consider brake and suspension upgrades to handle to extra go.
DId you chekc for sludge? andy car that was nto run much to operationg temp is at risk... before you do anything and chnage to PCV #6
1) BSR/Simons exhaust
2) better flowing FMIC
3) downpipe and cat
4) tune..
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