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One headlight HB

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so my driverside HB does not work. I have checked all fuses and replaced with a new light. still nothing. Is there somewhere a wiring diagram for a 95? I think its a ground because when i pulled out the pass. side LB fuse the driveside went out and the pass. side went dim. Same with the relays. This would lead to a ground problem? SID tells me about it and my HB symbol in the dash cluster does not light up.
All fuses and relays are good.
Both headlamps are good.
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Open the relay box under the hood. Smack the orange colored relay (headlight Relay). If that doesn't work, steal some from a junkyard and replace it.
Relay has been checked and its good
My vote is the relay, how did you check it? I would check for bad wires first. I believe the ground(s) for the headlights are amongst the ones behind the fuse box (removing the lower dash panel).
Before you kill yourself hunting this one down, please pull the HB relay, open it up and re-solder where the board meets the base connector prongs.

Just re-flow the solder and don't short anything.

Do the same for the low beam relay. Now you can swap relays for trouble shooting if you need to.

Once that's completed and if it still does work, we'll get into the wiring.

I had the same issue and just re-soldered the relays and that was it.

It's pretty common.
^^ what he said - I just did this for my mom's 9-3 again - replaced the highbeam relay a few months ago w/a "good" used one and it lasted til last week - I repaired the original as mentioned above and it's good to go again. This is a typical Saab issue - cracked solder connections in relays.
I have the same exact problem, but my rear and front fog light switchs are reversed also. I'm thinking someone maybe tried messing with it.
tapped relay, HB's work fine now. Will fix properly when I find the time. Does anyone have a wiring diagram so I can check connections for front and rear fog lights, wanna just make sure wires were switched. Please message me.
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