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As some of you remember, back on September I started a road trip and traveled from B'ham, AL to Chicago, then took the Historic Route 66 all the way to Santa Monica, CA and got back home.

It was the greatest adventure of my life and I enjoyed all 6500 miles I drove alone in 18 days. I shot almost 1800 pics and I spent 264 gallons (gotta love 9-5's 27mpg!).

Here are the pics (from my Facebook) which unfortunately have Greek subs (I'm sure Chris will appreciate it though). On a side note, I'm preparing my travel blog from the US and the Caribbean which will be in English but it will take some time.

Here's approximately Route 66.
Here's my whole trip (from L to B, to H and back to L).


Part 1: Illinois
Part 2: Missouri
Part 3: Kansas
Part 4: Oklahoma
Part 5: Texas
Part 6: New Mexico
Part 7: Arizona
Part 8: California
Return to Alabama
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