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OG 9-3 problems. cant find source.

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So my cousin has an 01 9-3. Started having the common missfire/ stuttering. So I had him replace a bunch of stuff:

Things replaced that did not solve the problem:
Crank poss. Sensor
Vacuum lines.

Now his 3rd trip to the dealer is saying he needs his TBody replaced. ?. Do these usualy cause problems?
Or can it just be cleaned and reflash the comp?

Gracias in advance.
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The throttle body on my Viggen was replaced at around 90k. My father's og9-3 is yet to have his replaced at 167k. From what I've read, they're failure rate seems to be just as likely as MAF sensor though.
Did yours cause rough driving?
Clean it first, can't hurt at least.
pop off the delivery pipe, get some brake cleaner spray and a toothbrush. spray, Scrub scrub scrub, pull the throttle pulley to lift the butterfly valve, scrub down there, and reattach everything.

make sure to check for and if needed clear limp mode.

Good luck.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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