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Not what it looks like... (Lamborghini content)

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So I was in Miami the other day and I had the chance to drive around a bit when I saw this beauty:

The perfect rims!

This car is pure sex...

Imagine driving down the Ocean Drive (with less than 100F) with this baby open!

And then...



$1350 a day for 30 miles + $3/mile after that....
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Fuck weddings, if I rent that bitch I wanna hoon it!
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Fuck weddings, if I rent that bitch I wanna hoon it!
hoon lol Haven't heard that word in ages
Some day when I'm richer I'd love to do this.
Drive it like you sto-- er, rented it...
People do it all the time for the Nurburgring....

My next trip is on October.....

My rental - Lamborghini Gallardo LP-560-4
ENGINE: 5.2 liter V10
POWER: 560bhp
TORQUE: 540nm
WEIGHT: 1410kg
TYPE: Mid-engined, Four-wheel-Drive
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I had the keys to boss man's LP-640 last week. I resisted stealing it, hoping to be offered to drive it in a more legal fashion sooner or later lol.
That thing needs a correction bad...
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