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no left side highbeam and no icon on the dash

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I have had no left side high beam and just noticed that there is no blue icon on the dash when I do turn the high beams on. I have checked all fuses, put another headlight relay in and same result. I have no power at the leftside high beam fuse under the hood. Any ideas why I would not have power at that fuse.
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Could be another bad headlight relay... wiggle it when its plugged in. I would suspect the white relay first however which is above the fuse panel... these go bad often (cracked solder joints) and would bet that this is the culprit. They cause all sort of lighting problems when they go bad.
I'll look into that, thanks
i have like 2 huge bags of relays if you want a bunch lol.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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