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Name: Noah Goffena

Location: Billings, MT

Means of contact: email: [email protected]

Price: see below

Description: I am cleaning out my storage room. All of these are items that I purchased for my '02 95 Aero. I also have a few small random and/or hard to find parts that i will throw in for $5 extra if someone buys one of the larger items.

***Special*** Buy Everything Listed for $125

NIB K&N Intake and adapter - $65 plus shipping
This was purchased new from

NIB Hawk HPS Front Brake Pads - $65 plus shipping
This was purchased new at the same time as the K&N from

Battery Cover and Cupholder insert - I know these are not worth much but they are sometimes tough to find, so i will not sell them separately, but if someone purchases either of the above items and wants one of these, i will throw one or both in for an extra $5 plus shipping.

Pictures: The used air filter, turn signal, and domestic plate hanger are all for a different vehicle and have already sold locally. I have decided to keep the K&N recharger kit, so it is no longer for sale. If you would like more detailed or close up pictures, email me and i would be happy to provide them. Thanks for looking!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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