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NG900 SE Turbo VERT: Wheres the MAF on B204L turbo ?

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Hi Everyone - just joined your forum two weeks ago and have spent countless hours absorbing the details and shared experiences posted here. I've found a couple of discussions that sound similar to issues I'm fighting but either I'm not navigating my copy of WIS 1.1 or I need the Haynes manual that is reported to have little value.

What I'm trying to find is the MAF on the 2.0 turbo 1997 NG900. The engine was replaced by the previous owner but I would think that with out the MAF the engine would not run at all, so it must be hiding somewhere ?? I've looked and looked with no success.

My second issue is more urgent. When I turn on the ignition key and have dashboard lights, I hear a somewhat high pitch motor whine. seems loudest under the car just in front of the right rear wheel. think its the fuel pump. If I turn the key to off again and then back to ignition but not start the car the sound quits. Also have to crank the engine for 6 to 8 seconds to get it to start so I've ordered a Fuel check valve but cant find its location in the WIS pictures.

I have fallen in love with this car! Hard to believe having had a wedge MR2 for 12 years and then a 97 sebring convertible for 12 more. It is such a pleasure to work on the SAAB with its tork bolts. Seems like so many solutions and extras were well though out ! The power the little 4 cylinder gives was a nice surprise and the turbo is really smooth on its delivery. I'm not sure how much influence GM had on the 97 900SE convertible but it looks like much of it is still SAAB.
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no MAF ?!? Sure makes things easier ! If I'm reading your tag right, you have 4 SAAB projects in the works. I wonder just how many SAAB owners visit Pull-A-Part ;-) Thank you k-o-k
ya ive got four saabs :p lol each one its own separate pain in my ass lol .... unfortunatly there are no pull-a-parts near me .... i usually purchase used parts from this forum ... great ppl to deal with!!!! welcome to the forum ... you need to post some pics of your saab

also, sounds to me like your fuel pump is on its way out .... get rid of that bugger and put in a walbro for good measure :D
I've noticed the same sound while working on my lights. The fuel pump sits in the gas tank but I assume it is fuel related or oil.

Have you checked your battery or other ignition parts?

The WIS can be a bit of a challenge but the Haynes manual I've found to be useful to get me started.
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