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I'm preparing for a nice thanksgiving spent redoing my front brakes after a single pad mysteriously disintegrated and allowed the pad backing to eat my rotor...

Ordered the calipers, pads, rotors, hardware, fluid...

I remember when I did the rear brakes a year ago, the nut holding the line into the caliper would not come off and ended up having to re-flare the line to make it fit into the new calipers. Autozone, Robbins, and Autovalue didn't have the right tool to create the (double flare?), so I did the regular flare and got the lines to seat "perfectly". These lines don't leak, but then again only like 20-30% of the overall breaking occurs at the rear so there isn't as much pressure on them.

My question: Does anyone know where the proper flare tool can be found, or what I should do, if I find I need to re-flare the front brake lines? The application is a 1996 900 SE 2.0 Turbo.

Appreciate your input,
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