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ng 900 talledega parts

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Back up,

Ng900 talledega vert, being parted out, 150k miles, good motor and auto trans

trans 250$
motor 250$ (wiring harness and sensors not included, some assessories may be)
both together, 450$

tally door panals, vert only (2 tone black& beige) in great shape. 140$ for the full set

rear bumper, 100$
No front bumper available

wheels in good (but not perfect) shape, with balding tires 200$
good looking canvas roof will come on frame, and motors attached to frame black in color 200$

need anything else? Pm me with the part and what its worth to you.
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I want tally lip!
I want tally lip!
wow didn't see that coming
anyone who's been on here long enough should know that would be coming from me lol
as stated earlyer the front lip is trashed it isnt even there from the bumperskin down!!

sadly if the car didnt have rust, a failed vert top cable, failed exhaust, bald tires, and trashed front seats it may........ be worth fixing.

since im pretty sure a vert wont have the upper window trim, i need the lower piece

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are you going to be around for local pickup, or is the window trim a ship item? either way make me an offer
need shipping...30 bucks?
i think i can work with 30 + shipping

just lemme know when you get the car and if you can snap a pic so i can make sure its the right part...part listings are in no way helping
How does the Talladega emblem on the rear under the right tail light look and how much? Mine is trashed :(
post deleted
I'm assuming this is bad news ie. deal went south etc.?
BUMP,, parts are back on the market!!!

i need that window trim.
its available. we will work it out
Is the Talladega badge on the rear in good shape? Got the front lip?
I'm interested in the panels. Can you shoot a pic? Maybe the rear seat if that's still available. I can pick 'em up
no front lip available, (as stated many many times) and i will take pictures of the interior and rear seats later today,

both of them look great Fyi
Some door panel pictures

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Tally emblem, 20$ shipped?? i really dont know what they go for?

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