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NG 900 Gear lever does not move

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In my ng 900 136kw manual-gearbox gear lever does not move. Gear lever is neutral position and does not move. I have already changed the gearbox is one of the same type of error. The new box, and the same error.
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I am new with the saab set up and what matches. However from what it sounds like, the reverse lock is out of postion. (like how they lock when you put it and lock it) so now since its out of alignment its causeing it to stay locked. Just an idea
sorry ment to say when you put it in reverse and lock it.
sorry ment to say when you put it in reverse and lock it.
The error is inside the gear box, not in gear lever
if I understand your post I had the same problem with a 9k gearbox as well; I could only get it into 3/4 and had to use a hammer at that.

Have you realigned the shift linkage?
Remove the shift linkage and photograph please.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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