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Next upgrade? 1986 900 + 1988 SPG content?

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Well I think Shocks are in order for the 86. The original 900-S shocks are not doing a whole lot anymore. I also think an exhaust upgrade is the next logical step for that car. I have a 2.1 liter head that's ready to go on, and while I know it's not a fantastic upgrade, it is an upgrade over the 2.0 head it currently has. Also there is something or other not quite right with the Jetronic system in the 86. Despite me trying to track it down I am still getting this odd hickup when cold. No big deal now, however it's sort of scary driving more than 100 miles from home with a questionable 22 year old fuel injection system, that was not known for it's reliability even when new. Thinking about this, leads me to consider some options...

One thought I recently had was to return the 88 SPG to a "near stock" state, and upgrade the notchback with the parts from the SPG. This would mean the 3" exhaust, Megasquirt, TD04, etc etc. I think realistically, the SPG would probably always be worth more than the notchback in a "near stock" state, and the notchback will always be worth less regardless of it's state being that it's not an original car. Also, the lighter weight and stiffer body is more suited to having high HP & a more sporting suspension set up. not that I intend to sell either, however realistically I think that the notchback would make a better and more fun car as the "high power" car, while the SPG would make a nice "once in a while" car, with stock +1 power. Also I recently got an airflow kit for the SPG, and I think if it had the power it does now, and I still drove it as I do (like an ass) it would be broken in a week :lol:

Opinions / suggestions?
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Sounds like a good plan Jeff! Complex but good!
I think you're on to something.
Hmmm, on to something, or just on something....

Either way, they're both sweet rides...

As for shocks, I replaced the rear shocks on my 86 900 base with Bilstein HD's, and kept the stock springs...the car already had KYB gas shocks up front, and they'll go away in time...the combination of the soft springing and the stiff dampening makes for a really good ride--
Sounds like a great idea. I was wondering when we would hear about the spg again.
Yes, sounds like a great idea.
If it were me, I'd be too lazy to do all that swapping. Also, I think the notch will retain value well, just because there were so few of them. I think enough people would want a turbo car, that having swapped in the other engine would not really turn off some buyers. But hey, if you have the time, why not. I know from driving the 4 door cars, they are a good deal tighter than the 3 door, definitely worth consideration.

it's sort of scary driving more than 100 miles from home with a questionable 22 year old fuel injection system
I thought your diamond-platinum AAA club membership covered tows up to 200 miles? ;)

Did you ever fix the camber issue on the rear of the 86?
Thanks for the input. I think I agree with everyone else :lol: I think the turbo & exhaust at the least will make it onto the notchback, along with an MSII unit. clearly the 2.1 head and manifold too, and a good intercooler. I think that's going to be more than enough... the SPG will get a stock TE05 & standard exhaust, except for maybe a glasspack rather than a muffler, and no cat.

That should put both cars where I want em, and I can start to think about getting the aero bumpers painted for the SPG.
standard exhaust, except for maybe a glasspack rather than a muffler, and no cat.
Thats my set up on the SPG... Sounds great. It gets mean over 3krpm on boost.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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