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hey guys im new to the site ive had my saab for a year now i like it a lot even tho i would like to buy a suburu or a rb swapped 240 but i gotta work with what i got. i opened this to find out more about my saab there fun cars i feel like they run a little to hot. i curently have a mbc custom side exit exhaust and a short ram. i found a guy to tune my ecu but he messed it up and blamed it on my car and said it was the coil pack and or the plugs so i spent the money buying all new parts to find out that he never put my stock map back on but anyways since im writing a story right now lol i have a couple questions right off the bat. what can i do to make my saabs engine run colder where can i get a tune without spending loads of money of a new flashed ecu. does anyone have a 3in downpipe for sale thats not more money than a complete custom exhaust is worth at a local shop? thats about it thanks guys ive already got tons of usefull info from everyone just dfrom reading!
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well to try and answer your question...the best bang for your $$ for a dp is a used one or just get a complete custom turbo back done up at a local wich should cost you a lil over the price of a new dp

in terms of engine temp. how hot do you thinks its running?
do you mean its running excessively hot? why would you want it to run colder?

as for a tune.. there are a few ppl on here that will flash you a tune for around (or under) $200
nice to meet you i bought a hearse that used to belong to a funeral home there called Manning and Heffern and even tho it goes thru alot of tranny fluid it is still a good hearse anyways welecome to the site
Welcome to the link - post up some pictures as soon as you can. We love Saab's - but we also like other cars too. Enjoy the link!
Welcome man, If your car is at half on the heat meter all the time...except on highways...your fine....if it goes a little bit above half...your fine...dont worry about it. Drive her BOOST...have fun....
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