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Newest Viggen Project...

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Makes it fun to drive the manual with a ruined left knee. I did this to my old -78 99 in High school after tearing up my Knee and driving a used up 900 auto. A buddy brought a video of a rally car with the clutch moving when he grabbed the lever. Said I could figure it out. A trip to the industrial salvage store and an evening in the workshop and it was done. Worked great till the little air tank ran out. Using a larger 5lb C02 tank now. Eventually this winter I plan to use a micro-controller to read a force sensor on the pedal. Also will need some speed dependent return rate with a servo.
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Love it! Nice work Nick. 8)
Ha! You continue to amaze me (us).
thinking about what it would take to do this makes my head hurt.
Nick, you certainly do the "Show Me State" proud!
That is Sweet.... I totally have no use for it what so ever, but I may need to duplicate this someday for entertainment purposes
Can we call it Nick-sonic?
Thanks for the comments. Will get some better video after SOC.

Can we call it Nick-sonic?
Not yet ;) maybe when it is completed.
That is so cool!
that's fucking awesome
simply mind blowing!

I was thinking of an 'automatic' manual clutch with the fiancee a few months ago. she said it wasnt possible. i agreed and left it at that.

Now i have something to show her. :)

again, thats just awesome!

starting bid: $300US :p

This is something for some of our girl-friends/fiancees or wife (mine, at least)!
A complete kit with the option to switch from Nicktronic to regular manual would be a sale!

A DIY version of the big boys toys:

P.S. the billet pedals look so sweet!
Aside from the labor the parts are not really that expensive. Those ap. mmm Price that module. OUCH! ;)

Used the factory extra light switch kit as override, so it is easy to just turn off. But can drive it normally anytime if needed. Its not a Sensonic with only 2 pedals.

Got it on the dyno for some checking this morning. Aside from the 750s being too small all is good. All better was junk e30 instead of e85 last fillup. Race Konis are mounted along with the slicks. Got them heat cycled out playing. I hate those uprights. If it was a 9-5 I would swap to harder springs since it is cornering harder now. Ready for SOC next week.
that's fucking awesome
pretty much
Will it be available to the public? I probably wouldn't need it unless I busted my knee, but just curious lol.
That is very neat - would be very strange to drive at first I'd imagine. My left foot would keep going for the clutch lol Great DYI job - very creative!
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