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Newbie without a SAAB, yet...

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First off, I'm Logan (Sleepy, SnowSaab and PoisonBeef should recognize this guy) and to really stir things up, I happen to drive a Ford Taurus..... With Nitrous... and it may have beaten a SAAB in a shits and giggles race. I'll leave it at that.

Back on track, I'm from Ripon, WI and until about a week and a half ago I had never touched a SAAB since I was about 8-9 when my dad sold his 89 900 classic. I've fixed, torn apart and otherwise gone in head first on a SAAB repair crash course on Sleepy's and fiveiron's 9-3 and 900 respectively, as well as scavenged parts from a fresh but sad kill in the junkyard.

I'm interested in a particular 9-3 for sale, as my "Fun Car," as the Taurus isn't exactly the fastest or sportiest car you could ever own. Granted, it is surprisingly quick for a grocery hauler, and can take the 151 to 90-94 cloverleaf at 65-70MPH without a hitch.
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Got any suggertions on a good Taurus forum?

Most of the people that know what they're talking about frequent both, but what happened is the Taurusclub was sold to a company that proceded to run the forums into the ground, as far as the close knit family feel. A good portion of the people that used to go to the TCCA then started their own site, the second url.

Otherwise, feel free to ask me just about anything. There isn't much that I don't know about the Taurus, inside and out.
Welcome aboard!
Who let the riffraff in?
Welcome; good luck finding your Saab.

I used to drive a V8 SHO in high school and first year of college, then I bought my 900. At least I was already familiar with the concept of torque steer.
Welcome - I had a friend who owne a very nice Taurus with the SHO package - minus the engine... lol It lasted a few months before it was rolled and totalled. I have a video of him driving it (after being rolled) from our hometown to our tech school - on main roads for about 30 minutes - never got pulled over and it made it the whole way! They are fairly tough beaters...

Hope you find a nice 9-3 - they can be found cheap often as long as you are willing to fix something.

Enjoy your stay here! Post pics of your Ford and the Saab when you get one.
Welcome! I drove a SHO before I got into Saabs; still one of my favorite automobiles ever. Are you driving a SHO or did you juice up a vulcan? Either way, kudos to you!
I got my SAAB already. I bought John's 9-3 "3-Door with Issues" as my project car. Got some of the mess fixed, the radio is no longer a hackjob mess, got rid of all the WIRE NUTS under the center console/dash, fixed the electrical gremlins (Thanks Dylan.... Bastard), have new panels for where a switch was put and random screws.

My beast of a Taurus is Duratec powered, pretty much the same engine as the V8 SHO minus two cylinders and the remaining six are larger. (3.0 vs 3.4). Its quick enough for a stealthy grocery hauler, but is like standing still compared to this SAAB.

The Taurus got jealous of all the attention the SAAB was getting and now the transmission is angry, taking a few seconds longer to get into drive and the 1-2 band is f#$%ed.
Hey hey. Welcome. Didn't see this till now. I, too, drove a Taurus before my Saab. :p
My Taurus was a 92 GL with the worst transmission ever, until I figured it out...

Welcome to the club.
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