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Newbie checking in.

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Hello all,

My name is Dan and I have a Saab (not my first). It's a 1991 900s 4 DR coupe in grey with blue leather interior. I like it a lot, a hoot to drive. I bought a similar 1986 new and put 180,000 miles on it, and I'm the guy that sold a '70 Challenger because I got tired of that dumb instrument panel. Anywho, I used to ice race a 96 and actually bought a 96 V-4 in NYC and dragged it home for a hum & a buff. Sold it when I couldn't get paperwork.

the 1991 is up on stands in my heated garage until spring, doing the brakes and putzing. I bought one of those two gage holder units that bolt to the top of the dash, but that's intrusive, so I mounted it upside down on the front of the ashtray. VERY convenient. Issue du jour is where the heck do I run a wire through the firewall? Steering wheel's off, instrument cluster out, nuttin'.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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