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New to SAAB's and just need some info.

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I recently bought a 99 9-3 2.0L and am new to working on cars in general. I originally bought it just to get back and forth to work but am now interested in doing some work on it, but after I bought it realized that it is very different from domestic cars. I was just wondering if anyone could give me some usefull advice, for starters, I have never even seen a plumb bob dipstick and have no idea what is a good reading on oil level. I also need to replace a window motor and can't for the life of me seem to find a sight that sells them. If anyone can tell me of a good sight to go to to find parts I would also appreciate it.
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Hello. SAABs are a bit different, but overly.

A good oil level would be the top indentation on the dip stick. Also, if you need a window motor, I have one I could sell you. For the most part, if you needs parts, check here first, as we tend to sell them for much lower. After that, sell's SAAB parts for a fraction of the price of dealer's 3rd party exct.

For aftermarket, check out , It is Nick T.'s website, and has plenty of mod's for your car. Good choice of car too, 3 or 5 door? or vert?

Thanks, I really had no clue what I was looking at with that dipstick. It's a 5 door. Really getting excited about getting into it and seeing what its all about.
It also has some vibration in the steering wheel when I get on the highway. Not bad all the time, just sometimes. Any idea where to start looking?
alignment and wheel balance, goodyear most all tire garages ect ect can check that.
Welcome aboard!

I just read an article that the old National Guard wing in my hometown went to UAVs this year.

Anyways, I like looking for stuff on you can find what you are looking for from a netword of junkyards, and most ship to your door for very little.

Also these cars have a fairly low resale so they also turn up at U-pull it yards, where not only can you get the part cheap, but practice on somebody elses wrech before you tear into yours.
but practice on somebody elses wrech before you tear into yours.
haha Tweek, that is what I do with my 1999 9-3 vert that I have for parts. I practice taking something off on that car before I mess with either of my NG's.

U-Pull's are good, but I cannot find any for the life of me around here.

To answer your wheel question. Wheel balance and alignment are the first two steps, with the third being check for bent rims. The viggen wheels I have on my 97 NG are bent to shit (go figure)
Binghamton, and East Syracuse both have one. Also Marcy if you wanna hike down the thruway a bit. Be prepared for the typical CNY rust.
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