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New to me 9-3 convertible and bbs rims.

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Pic of my new 2000 9-3 convert. Picked it up for nothing because the roof was stuck down and the inside got wet,turbo smokes on start up,nds a flex pipe and brake work. Fortunately I work at an independant Volvo/Saab shop.:D

I like the 16" rims on it,they have new tires on them,but I can get these 17" BBS RK1 rims (I think- I'm new to Saabs) for cheap. Nd to get the curb rash fixed. What did these rims originaly come on? I'm asuming they will fit. How much will they affect the ride and handling with some decent tires?
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BBS RK-I - perfect for your 9.3 vert

Welcome aboard, Mo!

You'll find those BBS RK-I wheels will suit your 9.3 vert to a "T". They had been offered as an upgrade on several 9.3 and 9.5 models in years past. I have them on my Viggen Vert, wrapped in 215/45x17 Ultra High Performance All-Season Yokohama tires and they always draw compliments.

Now, the Viggen sits a bit lower than the standard 9.3 and now mine is lowered another inch or so (photo is before additional lowering). But the 17" setup will fill out your wheel wells nicely.

You can always use the 16" set for winter driving.


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Just double check the wheels are not from the 9-2.
If they're off any 9-3 or 9-5, you're golden.
I'll buy/trade for those BBS. I live in MA.
I think I'm gonna run the BBS rims in the summer. They are defintely cooler than the stock 16"s. I noticed you live in Westford,I'm in Tyngsboro and drive through there every day on the way to work in Concord at Swedish Motor Works. Just Saabs and Volvos!
Very nice!

My throttle body just died in my 2001 9-5 aero, think you could get me a good deal on one?
We have a pile of failed ones, but some may be repairable. Get me the part number off yours. One of the Saab guys at work was telling me that if you rewind one of the springs and cams on the side he can reset the solenoid. I don't know how,but I'll find out. The Saab stuff is all new to me,but I'm learning!
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