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New problem - p1260

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I'm driving last night and the car throws a cel and tcs off light, I pull over and the engine cuts off - it went into limp home.

I drive to walmart, reset the code but forgot to write it down. Something about throttle position sensor. I clear it , keep driving, an another cel comes on. No limp mode this time but the code is p1260 which is something about a throttle spring. Cleared that one but it came back.

Any ideas?
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Update: Also more good news, my car now makes a hissing sound, that goes away when I press the brake pedal. any thoughts on that?
Sounds like a loose vacuum hose, but did manually reset the the spring on the TB which will get you out of limp mode?
Clean the tb and the connections, if it keeps happening, send tb out ot be fixed.
i cleared the code with an OBD reader, the CEL came back each time though. I will open the TB and clean it out, is there anything special about opening and cleaning T7 TB's? I recall someone saying its complicated for some reason.

Any idea about the hissing brake pedal? it really is louder inside than outside. Sounds like its coming literally from above the brake pedal.
How does the car run? If it feels like the turbo is shot-no power then you have tripped the spring in the TB. Clearing code will only clear the code, but will not reset the spring in the TB. Not sure if you know this or if this is even your problem?
Check to see if the brake booster vacuum hose has come off or split.
I will check out the tb first chance i get but car pulls fine, no really lack of power. Only thing I notice is a
Rougher idle than I'm used to, i can see the revs bounce around a little between 800 to 950 on the SID when idling sometimes. .

As for the brake hiss, vac hoses i replaced mine with blue silicone hoses from genuinesaab unless this is a different hose than the "usual" vac hoses that get replaced.

The sound I swear sounds like it's coming from just above the brake pedal and it's way louder inside the cabin, i can't even hear it from under the hood. I could also swear there is a small breeze in the drivers footwell but that might just be my imagination playing tricks on me.
Still sounds like you have a Bad Brake Booster, This will cause it to go into limp home to, Setting your codes even. If its a 2000+ with Cam driven Vacuum pump then don't be surprised if the brake booster if full of motor oil also.
Still sounds like you have a Bad Brake Booster, This will cause it to go into limp home to, Setting your codes even. If its a 2000+ with Cam driven Vacuum pump then don't be surprised if the brake booster if full of motor oil also.
To be honest I don't even know where to begin asking questions on that one.
Is the brake booster the big black round thing with green hoses coming out of it near the firewall? How does one "check" it? Also could it really make the car throw a code related to the accelerator.
Upon further investigation I think I might have lost a vac hose off my TB see in the attached picture.

Is there supposed to be a hose there or is it just a nipple (seems unlikely)

Where does the other end of the hose go if there is supposed to be a hose there?


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There should be a vac line that goes from that port to the PCV nipple on the VC.
Dumb question what's the VC? Could this one little hose be the cause of all my problems?
Sorry, VC= Valve cover.

It might, but if anything it would just mess up your idle a bit. And help sludge up your engine abit faster too.
Hopefully it at least gets rid of my hiss. If that goes away i won't really mind cleaning the TB and even getting it rebuilt if I have to.
You were right car is still hissing. It hisses slightly when it's just idling, quite loud when I press the brake a tiny bit, and stops mostly when I put the brake pedal all the way to the floor. For that matter, the brake pedal feels a bit softer than I remember it being.

Also if it helps diagnose, when i turn the car off, it hisses and the brake pedal goes stiff without me pumping it even once.
video with sound in relation to brake pedal:
I finally realized what you meant by resetting the spring to get the car out of limp home mode. I can't tell any difference from before and after. What is the difference supposed to be?

I think I might buy a used brake booster from ebay for a fifth of the cost of a new one. Is there any reason to avoid buying a used one? (Obviously other than it might die faster than a new one)
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