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New plugs

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Hi i have a 2001 saab viggen with the 2.3T and i was wondering what the best spark plugs are for it? there use to be a Saab dealer in town but they have since closed :'( but i know NGK would be the best but what would work best G-power platinum or NGK iridium? just need some ideas :)
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go to any auto parts store and ask for NGK stock number 1095, the part number is BCPR7ES-11, should be about 2-3 bucks a plug.
so pretty much the stock plugs?
Yes, stock plugs are the best for your car. The iridium/platinum plugs are a waste and could actually hurt performance on a tuned car (in my case, it did). Even if the iridium/platinum plugs are advertised as offering a hotter spark and more power, you will not see or feel any difference whatsoever and will only waste your money.
Thread revival. for some reason i cant find it.

what plugs do i wanna use on a tuned 2.0 t7 HOT engine
the stock non-iridium plug? like what was stated above
wow yeah cant believe i missed that
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