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New Parts for the c900

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Hey guys, just got my c900 back from getting the CPS replaced. We also have replaced the ignition amplifier, ignition coil, and got a new cooling fan, and temp sensor. Pics are coming up tomorrow. It's dark in Maine now, so stay tuned, for some pics. Oh and an update on the dashboard lights. I'll be replacing those tomorrow as well. I check the rheostat and it dimmed all the lights except the climate control switches. I'll also be replacing the ashtray lights, maybe with an LED. Thanks for all your support. It is and will be greatly appreciated in the future.

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your just jumping head first into this, rock on I wasnt this ambitious when I was 14 with my Saab I knew nothing about it but then again TSL wasnt around then and there was nothing this user friendly... you gotta post pics of the 900...
I am going to take pics today, and put pics up tonight. Thanks for your support.
Ha you're fourteen? Thats awesome man, get everything done now! It's nice when the car doesn't have to be ready for school or work the next day. Take your time and you're gonna love that thing!

I've got all the new bulbs in, and pics are uploading now!!!!!
Excellent... wasn't so bad, was it? :)
not at all, sorry I'm sending a link to my pics, int the TSL members Saab pics. everyone check it out.
just post acouple in this thread or in a new member thread, or in the "show off" section.
just post acouple in this thread or in a new member thread, or in the "show off" section.
the link is in the showoff thread, but I could put up a couple, there are 24 pics, so I'll post like 5 and you guys can see the rest on my Picasa.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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