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Hello, I'm new to this forum!
My name is Jonnhy, and I have bought a saab 900 turbo from 1981.
The car was garaged for 15 years (and stand still for +13 years).

When I bought it, the K jetronic was not functioning correctly, also the fuel pump was dissolved (rubber) in the fuel tank, leading to a stuck fuel pump (gummed up). I bought a new pump, installed everything, unstuck the plunger in the KJET division head, it started from the first turn!!!! (unbelievable)

For the moment I'm planning to do a power steering rack rebuild, here in Belgium, these are costly (150 dollar for a used one not revised!, and even 400+ dollar for a revised one!) so I'm planning to do the job myself.

Furthermore, I'm an engineering student, play guitar and hammond organ (also repair hammond organs) and hope to drive my SAAB 900 turbo in te near future!

Kind regards!
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