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New injector install

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Read Abducted's thread for pointers so I should zip tie the clips, just yank em out?? - wiggle them back and forth? and use iol on the o-rings to get them back in?

ANything else let me know thanks
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both 10mm bolts come off rail.... wiggle rail it pops off.... undo clips push metal clup and pull up... then just wiggle the injectors they come out really easy... wd 40 should help if need be fordry orings
Thanks will, gonna try John Williams tune this time
If I remember I didn't use zip ties although WIS said to... I don't remember what it was for???

I used a dab of vaseline or motor oil on the o-rings I think... It was way easier than I thought it would be.
Lost on of those clips, after getting them off I figured out what they were for. i also lost the fuel rail spcares I had but I think they were not the right thickness. Got a st from GS today, will get it buttoned up tomorrow hopefull.
the injectors clips go in at the upper ridge, not the lower
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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