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New clutch grabbing too high and slipping???

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600 miles ago installed a new SD alum flywheel a 9000 turbo 9" clutch and PP. from the start I noticed thet the clutch was grabbing too high. in addition the clutch will slip under hight boost levels. I drove the car easy for about 500 to let it seat properly. still grabing high and it is slipping.
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It sounds likely that there is a seal leaking, on older 900's there are a lot of things that can potentially make this happen. Most likely it is going to be the slave cyl, especially since it sounds like there is a disengagement issue. Was the slave cyl that was installed a genuine saab component, or was it a "scan-tech"? Also, it is important to be very careful when installing the clutch to not beat the slave cylinder up.

If it's not brake fluid leaking onto the clutch from the slave, it's probably either the "rear" main seal, or the input shaft seal. Don't discount the secondary sources though. A leaky distributor, distributor O-ring, or the front engine cover can get trace amounts of oil onto the clutch. You want NO oil or brake fluid getting on the clutch, which I'm sure you know.
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All seals and slave cylinder had been replaced. The clutch area is dry and clean.
If it is truly dry and clean, you have a defective or inadequate clutch for your power level. Also possible that the install was not done well, and the installer (whom ever it was) got some grease on the clutch.

With my 900, a spec stage 2+ holds very solidly, with no signs what so ever of slipping. I would suspect that a 9000 clutch would have been suificient as well, but maybe your car is making too much torque, in which case, you need better clutch or to reduce the boost to a point where the clutch is holding.
I was thinkining abouty getting a spec stage 2 or 3. I feel that the car could be putting out near 300 hp. I am just wondering if the spec has any draw backs. like for example grabing even higher. does it need to be broken in before you push it or will it be ready to go after install. I am just tired of not being able to enjoy the power of the car since the time i had to replace the clutch. On the other hand, I did have a 1991 -93 clutch in the car before with the same power and it held so freakin well and grabbed nice and firm. the difference is that i also feel that the 9000 PP i now have in the car
is some how softer than the 900 91-93 pp i poreviously had in the car.

these two links show the different design of pp that i had/ the one that shows the longer forks is the one that grabbed harderd and had a firmer clutch pedal feel which may transfer to a better clamping I right?
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also any info on sachs racing clutches?
i ran a stock 9000 9.5 inch clutch (from 91-93 turbo) to alot of hp, on my old vert. Tom is also running one on his holseted megasquirted SPG with antilag/launch controll, and its still holding.

i wouldnt worry about it gripping high, that could just be because its all new, and simply has more material everywhere. and it properly blead,, a good clutch will bit near the top, that means the slave is taking up slack,

however if its really to high, and its slipping, the clutch may not be disengaged properly.

pull the cover off the clutch, get a friend to pump the pedal, and watch it move, this could offer better insight
Yeah Mike but i have done that too and it's very hard to see if any thing could be slightly wrong. i mean the car drives fine asid from grabbing high and slipping under high power. it's just that my common sence tells me that the clutch should grab lower since it has more meat on it compared to a used seated clutch. i can only see that as the parts start to seat even further that it will grab even higher wich could be pretty bad. I am wondering if there is a spacing method or so that i can make the clutch grab lower and harder?
The 9000 clutch should be better than the 90-93 Turbo clutch as far as I am aware.
Was it bled properly? A different slave might have slightly different fluid/movement displacement which, I think, will affect working range too.
Had same problem albeit with a stock 900t unit. Had to replace slave cylinder. Even though I had a new one when I installed, there was some kind of issue with the old one. That and about 2000 miles of break in mostly solved my issue.
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