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New Car

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I got another one.
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Its a 1996 900 turbo with some other stuff.
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Please tell me why all my attachments post upside down. Even when I resave the image file upside down, it posts upside down in the thread.

Any clue what brand the lowering springs are?
I know the Vogtlands use "dead" coils by design.

Edit: Looks like they are H&R based on an earlier post.
Ttfn troll

Drove the Troll up to central CT to my friend's shop where my 9000 had undergone a transplant, open heart surgery and drivetrain refresh. The garage isn't much to look at, located on the backside of an industrial park, but that keeps his overhead low and prices generous.

You wouldn't know it, but his shop also houses some pretty cool amateur drift cars. There are (3) 2nd gen RX7s with race-cages and built motors, slammed with samurai sword e-brake levers. One of them has an LS1 swap. Theres also a nice S14 240sx. Then there was this little Corolla GTS rat-rod with a 13B-DEI S5 Rotary engine swap. Car was rust-free and sounded great. I never look twice at clapped-out wannabe-JDM micro machines, but these cars have my respect; some of these drift guys put a lot of time, energy and knowledge into their cars...even if it doesn't show on the exteriors.

I left the Troll with my friends John and Kyle to pick over and fix a few items before SCCA track nights start this spring. Aside from a leaking sunroof it needs:
-At least 1 lower poly motor mount
-Poly control arm bushings on one side
-PS pump
-Erratic idle diagnosed and cured. Could be vacuum leak, sticky IAC, issue with the tune or a function of the tune to protect engine from lower RPMs?
Either way, it makes city driving arduous and requires more clutch and brake than is sustainable.


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Congrats on the new whip! What kind of car did you get? Did you go for something sporty or practical? Just a heads up, if you ever need to move your car a long distance, make sure to check out Shipaa for a reliable long distance towing service. They offer competitive rates and can get your car where it needs to go without breaking the bank. And don't forget to stock up on some essential emergency gear like a spare tire, jumper cables, and a roadside assistance kit. You never know when you might need it. Anyways, hope you're enjoying your new ride and making some memories on the road!
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