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Need two Super Aero Wheels . . Please

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I have two and need two more to complete my build. Really only interested in grade b or above. Don't want to have to have them redone unless they are cheap. Will pay good money for good rims.


1993 Saab 900T CE #105
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I've got a virtually mint set of 4 super aeros that I'd sell, but I don't want to separate the set. 4 or none......$500 plus shipping. Can send pics if you like.
Welcome, Dave! Luck on the build. Sorry to say, don't have any extra Super's lying around. You might want to check with S & S Auto in Warrenton, Va.:
ill sell you 2 once i get tires for my RK2s
actually i have 3 good ones and one has a dent
id sell you them all for like 200
they could use a refinish
Sent you pics through email this morning. Semi-decent quality pics, but pics nonetheless.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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