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need header pin on ecu

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I need some one who is able to install the header pins on to the t5 and t7 ecu's. Thanks Hunter
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I just did a T5 ECU the other day and found it so much easier to just tin the pins (keep them in the alignment holder) and put a drop on each pad on the ECU, after scraping off the rubbery protection. Then just join the pins to the pads. I wrestled with getting the pins through the holes on a few T7 ECU's and it just isn't worth it. The above method took about 2 minutes and worked perfectly.
I'm more looking to pay someone rather than do it myself. I think someone on here was avertising it but i cant find them now. thanks for the advice!!
I think steve hayes was doing it awhile ago but not any more. Talk to JZW or mikeD
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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