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Need a Drivers Door for a Silver C900 SPG!

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At this point - color is becoming less and less of an issue. Got an 88 Candian Import Aero/SPG Silver (Paint Code 200H)- which needs a new drivers door (after some a** in a Red Pickup backed into me) - was up at Crazy Rays today with Tweek's - there was an 86 SPG, EG, but the door was A. impossible to get off, and B. had a bunch of serious dents. Anybody got anything they think would work?
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Try Crazy rays in mt airy,
Tweak's and I did - there is an SPG - but the door is dented. If I got nothing by next weekend - might go up and take it anyway.
Are the SPG panels damaged? Will any c900 door do?

There is an ad on SAABnet for 100's of different SAAB doors in VT. Try that number?
The SPG panel is still good - the hit occured above it, basically just trashing the door. Haven't seen this add - what's the date on it?
We should check the 2 or 3 in Baltimore before you settle on that door.
Yeah - that's a thought. Got to head back to work at midnight for an overnight shift (FML) - and don't know what this weekend has in store. Keep me posted on your suggested/intended itinerary...
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