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Napa replacement water pump and their short lives

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Well I replaced my water pump around 125k. (

Bought a napa kit and fixed it road side. I went to the Rhode Island Saab meet today and Casey heard a nice metal clicky noise and what do you know, my water pump is about to wooble its way through the timing cover. I made it home but wont drive it to work until it gets replaced.

The engine is now up to ~160k so the water pump has ~35k on it. Short lived right?

Anyone else have problems with the napa pumps?
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Might pick up a 83$ GMB water pump from Advance Auto tomorrow so I can get started on it.
Unfortunately, I don't think anyone has ever had a good experience with an aftermarket water pump.
well thats lame.
i had the same problem in my 99 9-3 i found the Canadian tire Prestone water pumps are really good water pumps
Funny thing is the only one I could get in a reasonable amount of time was another napa pump.

See you again in 30k miles thread.
lol sux
It took me less than 45 minutes to get it out, and about the same to put the pump back in.

Not so bad.
My Brand new OEM Saab water pump shit the bed with less then 30K on it... I replaced with what I always use - a HEPU rebuild kit from Eeuroparts - they have NEVER failed me. Besure to use light sealer on the gasket and it will never leak there. I have over 45K on my 9000 unit - had over 30K on my old 9K and our 9-3 has over 20K - not "high" numbers - but again - never had one fail.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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