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This is my first post on this forum and I apologise in advance if it will be a little technical and sorry for not starting with an easier question :D
I have found invaluable information on this site and hope my situation will also help someone in the future. Here it goes:.......
After an increasing and worrying whining coming form the gearbox (and lots of metal filling when flushed the oil) I decided it was time to investigate the gearbox since I had to change a slippery clutch. I am not a mechanic, just the random DIY-er fueled by curiosity and accepting a challenge (crazy some might think :) )
Anyway, off I went and purchased everything I needed before I opened my gearbox, which includes all the new bearings, gasket, crush sleeve, shims etc. Of course, accompanied by 3-4 months of reading in forums and studying several materials.
Here comes the technical part. After a successful dis assembly and installing all new bearings, came the most difficult part. The preloading
For those who understand what I am talking about, I was preloading the output shaft bearings by means of the shims and somehow i managed to over tighten it (specs suggested a play between 0.7-0.9 mm) while i did something like 0.5. I did realize it was a little tighter but I was afraid to reopen the box again and concerned that i could damage the bearing race if I tried to take it out for the specs. It took me a lot of thinking whether to carry on :? and uncertain of the implications so I decided to continue at last and followed the procedure for the input shaft preloading and at last i closed the box, fitted to my car.
The impression:
Immediately when took it for a test drive I noticed a slight whine regardless of the gear. In fact even rolling in neutral. Switched off the engine and rolled the car downhill to better hear the noise (with caution) and the noise was there, definitely not coming from the engine. (engine off)
Now I can here it most pronounced in the first gear and as soon as I go into second, the whining diminishes slightly and I am unable to hear anything in higher speeds, probably due to road noises.
My question is: Although I know it shouldnt be making any noises, will this be a major concern? Can this be the bearing making noises or could it be the gears are meshed too hard? I have covered some 1000 km and to be honest the box feels strong and no gear-change problems. It is just the whining I am not sure about.
Any help please?Suggestions? Experience to share?
Hope I explained my situation the best I can but of course other questions might be needed to get the full picture. Car reading 55k miles
Thanks in advance!
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